Automation is transforming supply chains, but the societal cost in terms of inequality may be high

How a global manufacturer has learned some vital lessons about managing uncertainty and planning for the future

Meri Stevens, Worldwide Vice President of Supply Chain, Consumer Health and Deliver at Johnson & Johnson speaks with MIT CTL Director Prof. Yossi Sheffi on Mar. 17, 2021

Dealing with uncertainty, whether in the form of a crisis such as a natural disaster or a disruptive force such as technological innovation, has always been a core element of supply chain management.

Blurred image of a seaport

Despite retailers’ obsession with making the buying experience more convenient this holiday season, for many consumers choosing the right gift has gotten more complicated.

More holiday shoppers have added “ethical” and “sustainable” to the list of attributes they look for when searching for gifts.

But how do these discerning buyers know that the brands they covet meet these requirements? And how do they make more sustainable choices once they have selected their gifts?

Competition without common standards could undermine blockchain in shipping

Countless proof-of-concept and pilot projects have provided compelling information on the potential worth of blockchain solutions in supply chain management, but the technology has to start delivering concrete ROIs soon if the industry is to take it seriously.

Is blockchain technology a hammer looking for a nail?

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